Overcoming the Problem of Video Overload

August 21, 2015

In marketing there is a goal, a reason why you want to share your voice to the world. You have to communicate to your audience clearly and informatively. The importance of your business must be expressed in the form of relevant presence among your peers. But if your only reason is for your voice to be heard, then most likely,  you will be lost in the sea of countless other voices. Your company has to stand out, but how? Our team at Waves Media offers a few points on how to overcome video overload.

Check your tone

How about being the loudest voice? Well, having the loudest voice usually means you have the biggest budget, and you’re already well established up against the other competition. Plus, being loud doesn’t always mean you are being the most effective. If everyone in your industry is screaming the same thing with the same language, then say something different. This strategy works great in the video production world, because unique imagery and storytelling makes a lasting impression on the viewer.

Here is a unique video for Dulux’s “Let’s Colour Project” created by Euro RSCG London (now Havas Worldwide). They utilized time-lapse video, emotive music, and an overall tight-knit community feel, creating a world that you want to be a part of. Who would have thought that house paint could be so inspiring?

Know your audience.

Don’t you want to reach as many people as possible? A lot of views looks nice on paper (or on screen I guess), but you want to make sure you speak directly to your particular audience. Having a bunch of people hearing you out, doesn’t land as many loyal customers as it does having a particular target group in mind. Put your viewer first in your video marketing campaign. In their mind you will surely stand out among the crowd.

In this campaign, Guerrilla Marketing put a fun, clever video together for Volkswagen. They have a clear audience in mind here. Because of this, the ad speaks much clearer for that particular audience than a typical flashy car ad would.

Show your confidence.

In your video marketing strategy, you need to be the solution to whatever problem your potential customer is facing. Your audience needs to have the sense that your company is confident and secure in it’s ability to provide solutions and to be a great help to those with the particular need in question. Show that your solution is the best, that you are at the top of your game. If you do, you will sing clearly over the noise of online video.

Here is a famous explainer video for Mint.com put together by Nate Whitson. This video shows how confident and put-together Mint.com really is, without seeming arrogant or out of line. There is a problem, a pretty close-to-home problem in the way of finances, but this video seems to massage out the stress saying, “Easy now, easy does it. We have a solution!”

So don’t get lost in the mix, don’t be discouraged away from having your voice be heard. Take these simple tips and run with them. Your company’s video will be noticed if the effort is put in to stand out!

Image Credit: Pete Linforth