Make ‘Em Want to Watch

January 30, 2018

Making a brand image that makes them look again

Ok. Are you bored? I’m bored. Bored with seeing the same thing over and over again. And I’ve been guilty of making them too. Corporate videos that seem the same… heh, the EXACT SAME as the last one someone else just did… a thousand million times. Are we short on imagination about creating an image for our brands? I really don’t think so. Sure we may be lazy at times or tired. But even more likely we are just afraid. Afraid to make something that takes pre-thought so that our output isn’t just an afterthought. Heh, see what I did there?

What makes you different? Is that being portrayed in your media/video/marketing? Can that come across in some way by doing something differently?

Let’s take the auto dealer down the road. While you may have an uphill battle at times in your branding, just imagine what car salespeople have to deal with. They carry innately a stereotype of being shady sharks with teeth that cheat people right and left all day. How would you combat that if it was you? Well, here’s just an example: maybe you have a real vibrant personality on your team, like a super outgoing and funny person with a lot of spunk that you regularly get on video talking about their day, even acting out a sales process. Create a real-world ‘in the life of Susey, the sales-lady’ and begin to paint the picture that you have fun, you are up front and honest, and that you care! Who knows, you may suddenly have a giant following who see your business different than the typical…

It’s this kind of thinking that have made insurance companies (just think INSURANCE companies no one likes!) seemingly more like-able than the next one.

Live dangerously.

We recently shot a “kinda weird/fun” video for a massive global company (I have to leave nameless) that typically does not venture outside of very typical corporate videos (I’ll leave that to your imagination). After the video was released one of the execs told me that people not only liked it but felt it got the company out of a media rut offering instead a variety of color and interesting content. And they want to do more…

So how about you. What would help your brand BUT ALSO get you excited again about doing it? That will bring life to your work and life to your life for that matter. Go for it.