Onboarding with Video

September 26, 2023

Do you have new employees joining your team? Are you not quite sure how to acclimate and train them? Well, look no further, we’ve got the perfect solution for you: onboarding with video. Yep, up to 69% of people polled said they thought video should be included more when it came to training. Today, we’re talking why this is, and why onboarding with video will save you time, money, and much more.

Pros for Using Video to Onboard

There are many pros to onboarding with video for your brand. To start with, using video to onboard saves you time and money. Video has the obvious plus of being “re-usable”, which is friendly to both your budget and busy calendar. Gone are the days of scheduling those lengthy in-person training sessions! And as to saving money? Listen to this: the IRS reported reducing their cost of training by 83% in just 3 years by implementing video. 83%! Not too shabby.

Learning Retention

With 65% of the population being visual learners, it’s safe to say teaching through video is the most powerful tool we have. Adding to this, one study found that those tested on what they had learned only 3 days prior, retained 10-20% of the written information vs. a whopping 65% of the visual information. As if this wasn’t enough, people learn faster when watching visuals vs. reading, with up to 90% of information transported to our brain being visual.

Remote-work Friendly

If your company is like most, it’s likely your team works remotely at least some, if not all the time. This can be a problem when it comes to training. In fact, 55% of companies said onboarding was their biggest challenge, due to remote work. The solution? Onboarding with video, of course! Not only is it easily accessible to your team whether in or out of the office, but it’s also accessible at any time. This means it allows for easy organization when it comes to tracking progress, taking notes, and returning for a “refresh” from time to time.


As much as we love human interaction and in-person connection here at Waves, when it comes to consistency in learning, it can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Perhaps you (or your trainer) are having a bad day, and your new team members miss out on the positive energy of your company. Or maybe there are multiple trainers, and the information differs from person to person. Not only would this be confusing to the new employees, but they could be receiving wrong information. Here’s where video comes in. By using video to onboard, you keep your brand’s message clear and consistent. That way no one gets “lost in translation”, and your voice and vision stays clear to your entire team.

What to Include in Onboarding Video

At this point, you’re probably asking: “Ok, we’re sold! How do we create great onboarding video?”

We’re so glad you asked. 🙂

To get you started, first it’s important to look at your onboarding video needs. It’s good to break your video into sections, so first decide how many you’ll want. We suggest starting with a welcome video of some sort, to set the tone, followed up with any/all of the below:

  • Expectations video (outlining what a new employee should expect, with a rough timeline).
  • Company Benefits (include what you can do for them, not just them for you!).
  • Product/Service Overview and Tutorials (keep it succinct and clear).
  • Company Culture (here’s where you should have fun, giving a sense of the team environment).

Regardless of which videos you choose to create, keep them short and to the point. Avoid being overly “authoritative” but include a more “human”, personal approach. Produce your videos in short chapters so as to not overwhelm your new team member. If you stick to these guidelines, you’ll not only have happy employees, but an effective work environment.