“On Boarding” Videos For Your Brand and Why They Have Value

October 16, 2019
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When it comes to hiring there is a period of getting new team members on board. This can be costly in time and resource but it should be treated as crucial as it sets the tone for your work culture. Our suggestion today: why not let video help out?

Say It Once

Is your current company on-boarding largely just saying logistically things over and over. Say it once while the red record button is flashing. Who knows how much time that will save you! Let alone keeping yourself out of the things that are really just the details.

Your teams on-boarding process will of course need the human interaction element but so so much of the routine things we do don’t need in person just informational.

Communicate It the Best Way Possible

Video is moving and concise. You can say it in an engaging way with captivating visuals and music in the background. You could put key visual graphs, charts, images, calendars, links, etc all into it.

And further you can edit out redundancy and needless elements. Editing is quite powerful. Keep it polished and efficient.

Virtually Accessible and Re-accessible

So much of the training and on-boarding will possibly be forgotten or at least need reminders of after the initial time. A video that team members can play back later for reference and refreshing of their memories can be huge value.

Do you have satellite offices, work-at-home hires, other branches? Video can traverse the globe and be in more than one location at a time.

Video Puts Huge Value On the Process and the New Hires

A beautiful lunch for your new hires is great. And so much of the first impressions truly do set the tone and show value of each of them.

Videos that you took the time to create and make look good also show immense effort and value to new employees. And they can make the overall presentation and process seem ‘together’, polished, and even fun.

So… why wouldn’t you use video for on-boarding your new company members and employees?