So Important: Marketing Ethics

February 10, 2020
NH Video Production Company

As you consider branding strategies for the new decade there are some things we must have at the forefront. Recently I was thinking about the whole idea of integrity and ethics. And in marketing like everything else….

There should be a standard

A standard of excellence that rings to our core. Here are some ideas and questions to ask ourselves about how we go about our business.


I remember times when we (mostly me) would state that we were something like “the best video company ever”. While you hear this type of thing often and of course don’t assume anyone literally means ‘the entire world throughout all time’ there is a dissidence.

It’s things such as the incredible amount of “best seller” books out there that makes us suspicious. While someone’s book may have lead all Amazon.com sales for 10 minutes when first released it’s probably not the best seller that many would like you to think. And while factually they may be telling the truth the whole ‘spirit’ of the statement is not truthful.

And ‘everyone does it’ may be somewhat true. Yet we must take a fresh look at what we want to be. The little things do matter.


How do you view your clients and potential customers? For myself I often find myself just plain frustrated with people or doing the daily ‘grind’ of just paying the bills. I trust I’m not alone here.

To have purpose in what we do will make it more than just about the money but love for what we do AND care for the ones we serve.

Challenge yourself and then your team this year. Refocus on how you are bringing value to the world. On top of that how you benefit those you are fortunate enough to call customers and partners.

Win Win (Or No Deal)

Very close to the idea of ‘care’ is one of looking for the best outcome for all involved. Stephen Covey, author of the timeless classic “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” wrote and spoke on this as “Win Win for both parties or no deal”

How often do we find ourselves not looking for this as the ideal outcome for all our interactions in business. Whether this is with fellow team members, clients, employees, families, you name it: the goal should be to see both parties win.

Not only will this keep the relationships stronger and longer lasting, it will also allow for the most synergistic and creative solutions we have yet encountered.