How To Get Un-Stumped In the Creative

April 7, 2021
New Hampshire Video Work and Other Creative Team Ideas

Ever feel stumped as you try to start being creative? You’re not alone. As fellow creatives, we have encountered this far too often. Here are some tips on how to get unstuck.

Idea Pooling

Don’t wait for a single moment to ‘get creative’. Inspiration comes on the fly. Have pen ready. Or app ready. Start to jot down titles for your blog series, you tv show idea. Lines for your song, or characters for your play.

Using apps like Evernote or voice memos on your phone can help you record these ideas right away. And then have them easily accessible as well.

Stream of Consciousness

What’s going through your mind these days? May be a great place to start. Just get all those thoughts down. You can write in a journal or on a piece of paper. Type it out. Or memo it on a voice recording app.

Do that for 5-10 minutes and you will be amazed at how much is in you right now that you could use as fuel for the fire.

Whether you are needing blog content, song lyrics, ideas for ads, you name it, try it out.

Use Online Generators For Ideas

There are many of these out there on the wonderful world wide web. Common generators can be used as writing prompts, blog ideas, short film subject matter.

Extra credit: for those who write a lot, have a thesaurus handy too – great for lyric and story writing!

Find Inspiration

This one is fun. Don’t have any creative juice flowing yet? Find inspiration. You could read one of your favorite authors. Listen to one of your beloved blues bands. Watch just a little of one of your favorite movie producers or cinematographers. Now don’t go binge on any of this. Just get your wheels turning.