End of the Year Look Back #1: TCIA

December 4, 2019
New Hampshire Video Project

As the year draws to a close, it’s a great time to look back with gratitude. Over the next several weeks we hope to highlight a project we did with a partner of ours. First up: the Tree Care Industry Association (or TCIA)

People That Really Care

Since the initial contact with TCIA back in early 2017 it was clear this would be a meaningful relationship for us. A phone call quickly led to a meeting with several of their team at their then office in Londonderry NH.

Their team was super down to earth, polite, and eager to jump into our first project together.

That year we made a series of videos. The key elements highlighted being both their Accreditation Process and the incredible opportunity for a career in tree care.

EXPO – A Fun Trip

Near the end of the year we traveled to the first TCIA Expo we had ever been to in Columbus Ohio. It was pretty impressive. Hosting thousands upon thousands of attendees from around the country, it felt very big. And even more than that the super high end and large equipment in the giant showroom was world class.

With exhibits and outdoor activities for students, big trees for climbing right in the center of the showroom, and more there was plenty to film.

We got to speak with world class climbers, owners of super large companies, and students just finding out the joys of tree care.

The Following Years

As with all of our clients, the goals is to deliver on each project. Beyond that the hope is to have an ongoing relationship with them. This was the case with TCIA.

The following year 2018 we did a pretty great overview of the industry in a filmic video you can see on our site.

Highlighting an industry not as well known has been a blast and a learning experience for sure. Hats off to TCIA for all they do in getting the word out about it and ensuring the safety of the workers who day in and day out do so much!