4 Ideas On How to Navigate the Marketing Frenzy

September 18, 2019
New Hampshire Video Making Team Discusses Focus in Video Delivery Strategy

We all are facing an ‘awareness’ crisis via social media in general. We are constantly made aware of all we ‘should‘ be doing. But it can seem impossible to keep up. And not ideal for a life well-lived and a brand defined.

The best things and most quality work comes from focused navigation. Here are a few tips we keep in mind to help in keeping up on your marketing and work but also focusing on the best path for your brand and you.

1. Prioritization

As mentioned in the book The ONE Thing, “Multi-tasking” was actually a term invented to describe what computers do, not humans. It is thankfully getting exposed for what it is. A hoax. It is really ‘switch-tasking’ as we humans can really only focus on one thing at a time.

And in your business work, this is still true. We must all come to terms that we cannot do everything, but should keep priorities at the front of our strategy. This is first and foremost.

What is essential? Get the big picture and goals in place for your brand first, and let strategy and implementation come from that.

Give that essential focus first place in both time and resource. Other things can be tossed out or at least put to the side for a bit.

2. Batching

Are there items, tasks, and projects that you do regularly that could all be done in one bigger sweep? For instance, if you need to make a video or podcast series, can you do several at once over a couple days so that your focus can stay on that objective until completed? Then you know that is handled for a long term period and you can shift your focus to other items needing attention.

3. Time Block

You do that which you schedule. If there are items that you know are priority do them first. And make it somewhat ‘sacred’ – block out the time to do them.

If you know a big picture vision for your marketing is needed for instance, make the time to do that. Shut off email and social media during that time, close the door, turn down the music, that sort of thing.

4. Hand Off to Others

This one is hard for doers like me. But so necessary for growth. What is it that you are good at and that your brand must have you specifically do to bring value. Highlight that and focus there. Then highlight things that others could do that you can give them.

Make a list of these things others could do. Personal assistants or other team members with less on their plate could take the first ones on the list from you.

Then as your team grows even more the rest of the list can be handed off as well.

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