Music Licensing Platforms Rated

February 13, 2023
Waves Boston Video Team Discusses Music Licensing Platforms

Selecting music for your video is one of the most important steps to creating great content (to read more on how to do this, read our article here). One of the first steps, however, in finalizing your music will be licensing. Thankfully, there are a vast array of music licensing platforms available to help you! But with so many, how do you know which is the best? Or which will serve you and your brand’s needs the best? Today our team rates the top music licensing platforms out there for you.


New music is consistently being put out, which means options are ever-expanding. They offer only one monthly subscription plan, with multiple annuals to check out as well.

Epidemic Sound

Royalty-free, offering both monthly as well as annual subscription plans. Has one of the most substantial music libraries (35,000 tracks!), as well as SFX (sound effects) available.


This one can get pretty pricey for sure but, depending on what you are licensing, is worth checking out. High quality audio, great for filmmakers and content creators. Plus, you have the ability to license individual tracks.


Similar to Epidemic Sound, SoundStripe includes both musical tracks as well as SFX in their library. They also offer both a yearly or monthly subscription. The music on here can really help YouTube based video brands. It’s inexpensive, well licensed, and offers a nice filtering and browsing experience.


Relatively new on the scene, Audiio offers a more affordable annual plan (at $199/year or $499 for lifetime access). Track selection is more limited (currently only 6,000+), but is royalty free and has great licensing coverage.

Get Online and Hear For Yourself!

There are even more great options out there, so the sky really is the limit here. With video content only continuing to grow, the element of finding great music for it is also improving. So have fun exploring, and get excited–music is going to take your good video and make it great!