Music Licensing Platforms Rated

October 30, 2019
Waves Boston Video Team Discusses Music Licensing Platforms

With videos online more than ever, the music you need for them should (and can!) be licensed. The process is actually pretty easy nowadays too thanks to a bunch of great platforms. And most importantly there are so many good music options that will take your videos to the next level. Today our team puts forward some options for your brand.


Artlist started a new pricing model – an all-inclusive membership model that others are now adopting. It’s pretty cool as you get perpetual universal usage licenses for one annual fee. Check out their library today. A ‘go to’ for our team.

Song Freedom

This was one of the first platforms our team ever used, largely due to the focus on personal video types like weddings, which is how our team began. Song Freedom has changed its model since then but worth a look as they have some pretty big artists on there!

Music Bed

This one is a king in the market. Kind of the standard of music quality against which others are judged. It can get pretty pricey for sure really quickly depending on what you are licensing but worth checking out. You will be inspired by the emotive high end music for video and film creation. Check them out!

Sound Stripe

With a model much like Art-list which is based on yearly or monthly subscription, Sound Stripe is worth a look. The music on here can really help YouTube based video brands. It’s cheap, well licensed, and offers a nice filtering and browsing experience.

Epidemic Sound

We have actually never used these guys but it’s cool to see what they are offering. Their library is enormous and they seem to be targeting (like MusicBed) the individual song licensing. So if that is all you need take a look here.

Get Online and See and Hear For Yourself

There really are so many great options out there. This means in turn that it will get even more affordable and easy to use overtime. Oh, and did we mention it’s getting more and more fun? Because music can take a good video and makes it great!