Keep Learning!

February 1, 2022
Murrieta Video Production Team on Learning

There is something that distinguishes brands and individuals that excel for long periods. And there may be multiple things really. But one that seems to stick out time after time is that of a culture of learning.

Learning seems to be a quality that allows for longevity and adaptation over time. This in turn makes organizations able to withstand changing tides and in the end grow.

Here are 3 ideas to help you build a learning culture and/or life.

Prioritize learning in you and your team

We can talk about it. But implementing consistent time each week for learning puts feet to it. Is it possible to build in an education day each week for you and your team? Maybe a couple hours each week to work on your knowledge base or skill sets?

Giving time each week shows you value it.

Other ways to show you value education are to pay for company learning via subscription like LinkedIn Learning or Masterclass.

Get feedback and utilize it

We all love those 5 star reviews but often it’s difficult to get great constructive criticism from customers and others.

Figure out a process that solicits this feedback then bring it to your team for evaluation. Truly listen. Ideas and changes that bring real growth and profit may be hidden in there.

Be intrigued by what are others doing

So much can be gained from admiring and looking at what others are doing in our fields of work.

In a culture of learners, giving applause and admiring what even competitors do is common. If we can be humbly intrigued and curious, we can learn so much. Remember, we don’t have all the answers in and of ourselves. The beauty of collaboration and sharing ideas is at the core of growth and transcending even the most difficult of times.

Test and pivot

In so many business stories I’ve read a common theme is testing something and pivoting based on results. There may be times where hunkering down and sticking to an initial plan completely is warranted. But most of the time you need to pivot at least some. And this pivot can come from feedback, seeing what others are doing, general learning and growth, or simply from testing something out. Results say a lot.

Don’t be afraid. Test and pivot… oh and learn.