3 Thoughts on Re-Purposing Company Video Footage to Maximize Usage

March 1, 2017

It comes up a lot in conversation for us when discussing costs and the effective use of video production time. How can you re-purpose the footage that often costs so much to get in the first place.  A few thoughts coming right up!

1. Think Bigger than One Video

It should start in pre-production planning really. You can probably create shorter videos from your longer video piece in post-production however to be most effective you should always plan ahead.  Ask these questions while in the prep planning:

  • Are there specific videos you’d like to capture alongside the “Premiere” piece(s) you are creating? For example a video speaking to a specific demographic (age, gender, ethnicity, etc)
    • How many of these would you ideally want? What’s practical?
    • What length for these videos?
  • Have you told your production company about all the videos you want so they are on board with shooting for them? Will there be additional costs for the production or post work?
  • Will concentrating on extra videos inhibit or infringe upon the production value by focusing on too many videos at once? Or does it really just require an additional phrase or line being added that wouldn’t take much more time.

2. Break it Down!

Breaking down content into shorter, perhaps “punchier” segments is the best way to take a 1-2 minute piece and create multiple social media bites – maybe just 15 to 30 seconds long. Taking the most powerful verbiage and the favorite imagery will give your audience a more easily digestible video.

And when you think you cannot cut it down more, you usually still can! Make it short and SWEET honey.

3. Yup: Think Vertical Too!

I never thought I’d say this but make sure to be thinking about vertical video too – it may or may not be a good idea to think about that during the filming (again make sure to communicate with your production team ahead of time on this!) but always have in mind how clips could translate into vertical video use for mobile and platforms like Instagram. It’s a huge audience – don’t ignore them….. oh…. and while we’re at it: let’s not forget about thinking silent video too – with a story of titles leading the way. Chaplin would be so proud of you!