End of the Year Look Back #2: Labouré College

December 11, 2019
Massachusetts Video Company Waves Media Works with Labouré College

We got a phone call from Labouré College back in early 2015. At first we honestly were not sure what to make of the call. Initially it seemed more like the team at Labouré was feeling us out because the project was still in the formation stage. There were lots of uncertain aspects to the project and they wanted to see if we were fine and flexible with that. We assured them we were.

We finished that call and didn’t hear back for a while.

Our team at Waves was developing very quickly at the time with new team members and lots of inquiries about work – really a lot. So there was plenty to keep our focus on in the meantime. Finally the second call came in from Labouré. They were ready to begin.

A few days later, we showed up with a mini crew to film a story about a nurse doing amazing work down in Boston. It was to be part of a series we would make for a fundraising dinner highlighting nurses and medical professionals in the Boston area recommended for their compassion and service.

The first story was Nick (see the video above). We were moved by the impact and behind the scenes care being given. And we were affected by the rest of the Compassion award recipients lives and careers as well.

A few weeks later the videos were ready to go live and be shown at the dinner. I got a call from the marketing lead at the college after the dinner telling us how incredible the response was and how grateful she was for the gift to tell stories like these.

Stories Are the Heart of It

Our relationship with Labouré has been quite consistent since then. It has included a somewhat wide spectrum of video genres as well. From the aforementioned story based docs to broadcast advertisements for the school. From testimonials to a “zombie apocalypse” ad for TV (to air during “The Walking Dead” season premiere).

But at the heart of our journey together have really been stories. Countless stories of people who made a difference. People who are making a tangible impact in the lives of so many individuals and families.

Over these years we’ve really grown in admiration of the work that Labouré does as well. They are day in and day out training nurses for whatever their ‘calling’ may put before them down the road. Well done.