Making Waves: Pre-Production, the Crucial Piece

August 31, 2015

You’ve heard it before, preparation is essential in any work. And in video production, it’s no different, it is of the utmost importance. Not only will the production (filming) and post work (editing) go far more efficiently and creatively, but the content will be that much richer and spot on. That’s why we at Waves Media emphasize the “pre-production” phase of any project.

So what do we mean by pre-production? Well, glad you asked. For us, it is the process of getting to know our client and building a relationship and a plan based on the mutual goal of excellence, creativity, and messaging clearly, correctly, and powerfully.  How do we go about this?

First off, we talk. And we are nice! Email us at team@ – we will respond quicker than you’d expect. Give us a quick synopsis of what it is you are working on (don’t need too many details at first) and how you see us helping you. Once we respond we can set up a time to talk on the phone (or in person) to go a bit more into detail about what you do and what both parties can bring to the table. This part is crucial as we desire to get a grasp on the elements that make you and/or your product unique – we listen. A remarkable video is “made” long before the cameras roll and this conversation enables that. Our goal will be to make your video the best one we’ve ever produced. Period.

Second, if both parties think it’s a fit after our discussion, we will move forward and create what is called a treatment – basically this is a page or less of text describing what it is we see as the vision and purpose of the video or videos (based on our previous conversations). We then prescribe (in the treatment) what we believe to be the necessary steps and pieces to bring that to completion including a bottom line price.

After the treatment stage we begin the script and storyboard (as applicable). When you book us you get both a creative agency and a production studio in one. We love the fact that we get to be involved in the entire process – beginning to end! The script and storyboard/shot lists involves shaping concepts and mapping out what the production and post-production will look like. Without getting into too many details here: we pick and collaborate on locations (maybe your office or a rented space with a unique feel?), talent (may be you!), and of course work with scheduling (often much of this is done on an online worksheet btw). This all may sound like a lot but the entire pre-production process usually moves quite quickly when all is said and done.

Having said all this, each project is very unique and often involves different elements, circumstances, and some times mild obstacles (or opportunities!) that we are more than happy to discuss and can usually make work well. The key is communication of course. So give us a call or send a note today!