Location Matters: Shooting Videos From San Diego to Boston

August 26, 2020
Shooting Videos From San Diego to Boston

Video Shoot Locations Can Impact (or Detract from) the Success of Your Video

Boston city skyline

Experience has taught us that being able to use different locations when shooting a video creates ease and appropriate execution. So, we’re revisiting this topic because the reality is that every location has its perks. And that certain locations that might not be so sought after, at first glance, may be your best fit in the end.

When we expanded Waves Media from the east coast into the west coast’s sunny California, we knew we would experience the advantages of warmer weather just as much as the advantages of Boston, New Hampshire, and New York’s cooler weather.

If you remember this video shoot for Baptist Health of Florida, you would better understand why having various video shoot locations matters when creating the perfect video. To recap: our team was in the middle of winter in New England, and we needed to make our set look like a typical summer day in Miami to suit our client’s location — weather, demographic, and all that hot Miami jazz.

While the process took some technological pizzazz, at the time we had recently expanded to Temecula, San Diego, and Lake Elsinore, so being able to use Southern California as a summer video shoot location came in handy when trying to replicate a believable Miami summer.

Why You Should Find a Location to Shoot a Video

Is it just about the “feel” or does the location of the video shoot make a difference? Peerspace summarizes the point pretty well: “Finding the right location is a key component of a productive shoot. [Because] location is absolutely a character in the piece.” And we couldn’t agree more! What’s a video shoot in Miami without heat, palm trees, and probably some sweat?

Waves Media has the privilege of being able to shoot from coast to coast, meaning if we need a video shoot location that is cold and on the greyer side of things, we’ve got that at our disposal. This also means that if we need to shoot (another video) in a location that conveys all things summer-related, we also have that at the tips of our fingers thanks to Temecula, San Diego, Lake Elsinore, and the many other great sun-filled locations Southern California provides!

And doesn’t everyone interested in videography deserve this sort of flexibility for both their videos and their clients? Saying, “That won’t be possible,” to your clients as a result of limited set props, technology, and time shouldn’t be acceptable. When you seek out and take advantage of various video shoot locations, you’re saving time and money while taking advantage of the natural world around us.

Things to Keep in Mind When Finding a Video Shoot Location

Make sure the location is easily accessible, including getting to the actual location and parking. And when it comes to paperwork, make sure whether you need to have the spaces covered as additionally insured on your policy, if permission or written form to film there is needed, and if the location will need to be cleaned before shooting.