Lessons from “The Search for God and Guinness”

March 17, 2021
Southern CA Video Team Discuss The Guinness Beer Company

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we at Waves Media, a southern CA video team, are highlighting a book with an Irish flare to it. Today, we are reflecting on Stephen Mansfield’s book “The Search for God and Guinness” and the lessons he has taken from it. 5 to be exact.

Discern the ways of God for life and business.

This is crucial. The idea of knowing your purpose and letting the outflow of that affect all you do is one of the most valuable lessons in business and life.

Think in terms of generations yet to come.

Arthur Guinness, the founder of Guinness beer, began the company by signing a 9,000 year lease. To say the least, he was looking ahead. The success they had over the last 260 years also bears out that they were not only looking out for themselves but those to come.

Whatever else you do, do at least one thing very well.

Guinness has diversified over the past few generations in many ways. But for 200 years they focused on just one thing. A great beer. The prosperity of their company speaks for itself.

A focused company doesn’t react to every trend or fad but keeps at what they do best, ever improving their product.

Master the facts before you act.

We live in a speed is everything day and age. But longterm outcome comes from gathering intel, sitting on the data, and acting accordingly.

Invest in those you would have invest in you.

One of the Guinness family said “You cannot make money from people unless you are willing for people to make money from you.”

Win-Win is the only outcome desired by those who truly are looking to serve in business leadership.