Ideas On Finding Inspiration For Your Next Creative Project

June 12, 2019

Finding what makes us each think creatively and effectively is a skill to master. Being at our best will aid us in outputting great ideas that in turn drive more energy. The following are a few ideas that help us to keep at our top game artistically.

Dedicated Times for Creative Thinking

First off, when do you have the most energy each day. Sluggish thinking probably won’t go very far. Perhaps taking a walk or working out a bit before you sit and reflect is a good idea for many.

Some may prefer mornings first thing to do reading, reflecting, writing, and ideation. But for many, it’s best to save it for the end of the day.

Just make sure to have dedicated and undistracted time for this! If you keep your email open when doing creative ideation, it may be difficult to get anywhere. Focus. Know your energy patterns. Make time.

Read and Watch

Reading a good inspirational book to get the wheels spinning could be just the ticket. Should you be aiming to do a video or short film, watch some others works.

This has often challenged me to do better work than I’m currently doing. Once I see how much more we could be aiming for as others have done incredible work.

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Get Together!

Creative think tanks have gotten a lot of press. And rightfully so. If possible, a group of like minded people in our lives and work is a must.

Look at groups like the “Inklings” including C.S. Lewis and Tolkien, or filmmaker groups like that of the “Movie Brats” including epic moviemakers Spielberg, Scorsese, Kubrick, and others.

Camaraderie and accountability, ideas, questions, and just plain support should be commonplace in marketing teams. Not shooting any idea down til it’s truly heard. Is your team and life operating at that principle?