Killer Ideas for Your Next Video

November 1, 2022

Video. It’s everywhere. And is definitely the consumer’s choice in content consumption. The demand is high, so what video do you make next? Today, our team at Waves wants to give you a hand and our killer ideas for your next video.

“A Day in the Life”

This could be super funny or just a snapshot of your life as a brander/marketer, entrepreneur, Mom, video dude, or as a company team. Real world style: show a staff meeting, prep for an event you’re having with an invitation to come out for it, or just simply you having your first cup of coffee – have fun with it! People love watching people. Period.

Customer Sit Down Testimonial

Great network piece here. This could be a colleague or customer, or simply an expert in a related field. Have them on video (or podcast?) talking about what makes them tick, their insights into a subject matter important to your audience, or just saying hi. Have a customer talk about how your product or service rocked their life and bingo! You’re in business.

Build on Your Most Popular Blog or V-log

Did you make a blog or a video-log that had a lot of traction from viewers, say, 9 months ago? If so why not do a re-mix on it? Add to it and repost. New and improved, ya know?

FAQ Video

What are the questions you’re getting the most from customers or potential consumers? Make a video on those and post it to your FAQ page and your video/social channels.

Our Story/History (make it vulnerably)

Talk about what made you who you are today (and maybe a bit about where you hope to go!). This video could include old photos (or old video if you have it!). Create a mini documentary about what you learned along the way, who were big characters, the ‘Ah Ha!’ moments, etc.

Our Biggest Mistake Video

You may be like “NO WAY!” But before you close the door on this one, make sure you know why you don’t want to share your biggest mistake. For one thing, people love vulnerability and could learn from your mess-up. We are all human. If you’re further along in your career or journey, it could be a ‘send the elevator back down’ kind of post. And I for one listen intently when someone tells a mishap story, simply because I don’t want to make the same mis-step.

A Total Guide to Our Product…

If what you do or offer needs explanation (side note: almost all do!), think about a “total guide” video, leading viewers through your product. For example, if your product is a bicycle, don’t just show the bike. Show someone unpacking it, putting it together, getting on it and riding it. Show the full value of what you’re selling, and the reason it solves your customer’s problem.

‘Pop’ Video

Is there a connection your brand has with a popular topic, celebrity (tread softly), or current event? Make a video on that. An example could be how a recent storm affected people and how your expertise or product could help. Of course, keep the intent to truly help people. Or maybe make a video on a recent trend and how you think that will continue to change: a fashion look, a shift in the economy, the latest trend on wedding invitations…you get the idea.

Tutorial Series

Do you have a series that could be made to educate? Many individuals and companies are offering free or for-cost tutorials on what they know or offer. Could the kitchen apron you’re selling also have a mini-series on how to outfit your entire kitchen? Maybe a special guest cook from across the street who makes the best tacos could talk about building out the mexican food spice rack. Get the ideas going!

These are just a few of the many options for video. Sit down with your team and discover what works best for you. And please let us know too. 😉