How We Have Continued Doing Business in Crazy 2020

December 22, 2020
San Diego Video Creators

Most small businesses in the USA, and world, have experienced a difficult year. That may be an understatement! Both our Boston, MA and San Diego video creators have faced sudden changes and new requirements that have made navigating our art and business a challenge. As we all sail through a few more uncertain days ahead, maintaining our principles could be the best pay off we can count on over time.

Here are a few humble suggestions from our part of the world — all beginning with “R” for easy “Remembrance” that “Rings” true — that have aided us in being able to continue doing what we love; namely amazing video.


We are thankful for continuing relationships with our clients. We try to treat them as friends and team members. And in return they think of us the same. The business of business is relationships. (Robin Sharma)


Our team wears masks and respects social distancing guidelines. We respectively ask permission before assuming when it comes to locations, proximity and travel. Through community-wide, shared trials, camaraderie and mutual respect will bring long term results.


Being resourceful can be more important than merely your resources. It can utilize what others and all of us have collectively.

In our video work, for instance, it could be:

  • Working with client’s filming themselves with their phones
  • Or reworking previous footage and unused clips from days gone by
  • Graphics work in place of

Using stock footage

Renew Yourself

Take this unique time to continue education. We have always enjoyed expanding our horizons with Masterclass and Linkedin Learning. And it barely needs to be mentioned that YouTube and hundreds of Podcasts are at our fingertips. Quiet seasons are never wasted when we’re growing and taking in information that hones our skills, helps us pivot and have range.

(Be) Real

The best thing you can do for yourself and your business is take the time to be real with ourselves, our teams, our families, and friends.

Allow for good processing time of all that is happening in our world, and in us. We will be richer for it!