How to Repurpose Your Video Content

September 12, 2023

So, you’ve created great video content for your brand? Way to go! But what happens after you post it? So much effort for just ONE POST? What??? Thankfully, though, it doesn’t end there (or, at least, doesn’t have to). There are numerous ways to repurpose your video content, and today we’re going to list several to help get you started.

Make Shorter (and shorter) Versions

This first one may be the most obvious but it’s such a great way to repurpose your video content! Take that full-length video and make shorter versions. You could turn it into a teaser/trailer for a product announcement or upcoming event. Or perhaps cut it down to versions for social media platforms, such as TikTok. Here’s an example of a video we shot for Toyota, as well as a shorter version we also curated for them, for their different needs.

Turn Your Video Into Ads

If you’ve ever created an explainer video, you’ve almost unknowingly created a perfect video ad. Explainer videos are just that: videos that explain what your product or service is, which is generally the same end result you’re going for with an ad. In short, virtually no editing needs to be done, except perhaps a different call-to-action at the end. VoilĂ !

Turn Your Customer Testimonials Into Ads

The same can be said for any customer testimonials you’ve ever shot. These are gold! Having your product/service verified by actual clients not only makes for great, re-usable content, but also boosts your company’s trustworthiness. Authenticity always works, so don’t be shy to turn that testimonial into a real selling point, via video ads.

Repurpose Your Podcast!

If you have a podcast for your business, film the recording! This is a very common thing to do, and makes for super repurposed content. Likewise, in reverse, you can also take your video and use the audio from it, turning that into a podcast episode! Neat, huh?

Turn Your Video Into a Blog

Similarly, you can take video dialogue and turn that text into a blog. Blogs are great for boosting your SEO, as search engines love text. Along these lines, you could also take inspiration from previously written blogs and create new video based off of that! A creative way to cut down on video shoot prep, as boom! You’ve already got the script!

Create a BTS or Bloopers Reel

Think that all that “in-between” shots footage is useless? Think again! Take a look at all the unused video footage you have, and see if you can put together a behind-the-scenes video or blooper reel. These are wonderful to add humor and bring humanity to your brand. Also, what a fantastic way to highlight how your company truly works together, step-by-step.

There are many more ways to creatively repurpose your video content, of course. But we hope these get you going! Remember, don’t be afraid of repeating the same message by re-using it in a different format. It is through repetition that our message is heard even more clearly. So, as the saying goes, rinse and repeat!