Helpful Business Tools 2.0

July 10, 2018

As we are looking to streamline our business and do more, we have been on the lookout for helpful business tools and tips that can make that happen. We thought we would take a moment and share some of our favorites with you.

Carbon Copy Cloner – Mac Backup Software

In case something goes wrong having a backup of your data is an absolute must. Carbon Copy Cloner is a fast, easy, and effective way to make sure you can get back to work right away. It also has task scheduling so that you make sure your hard drives are constantly being backed up.


QuickTime isn’t just video playing software, there’s a whole lot more it can do. You can use it to record video and audio, as well as do screen capturing with it to record whatever it is you’re doing on screen. It also has some built in rudimentary editing tools so you can trim the length of your videos. Some versions of Quicktime also feature time lapse creation.

IFTTT – If This Then That

It seems that everyday there are a million small tasks that need to be done. What IFTTT does, is it takes a task, and can then automate another task based on what was just done. For example, if I share a photo on Facebook, it can automatically be shared to my Twitter and Instagram as well, without me doing anything else. Anything to save time…

Bitly – URL Shortener

Although URL shorteners are not new, and there are many of them, what Bitly does really well is it allows very specific analytics of how many clicks your link has received and even shows location. You can customize the url to something memorable, and keep track of favorite links for sharing, or for personal use. Try it out…

Scanner Pro – Mobile Document Scanner

I know if I have something in paper form, it is only a matter of time before I misplace it or lose it. So for me this one was a no brainer. This let’s me snap a pic of any document on the go with my phone, and it converts it to a nice looking scan and uploads it to my Dropbox account. It also works with Evernote, Google Drive and WebDAV services. What sets this app apart for me, is that it gets great shots each time because it waits for you to be still to snap the scan with the camera, it can convert a document to black and white for better legibility, and if you take a scan of a document at an angle, it straightens it automatically. No more paper!

I hope you found these helpful. If there is anything you want to talk about related to any of this, please let us know!