A Fresh Outlook on Your Brand in 2018

January 2, 2018

For many a fresh new year provides a mental reset button.

And while you hear the question every single year: “What do you resolve to do differently this year?” – we should look back regularly at what we’ve done and what we’ve gotten as a result. This should include what is priority in life like relationships, health, purpose. And should include what takes so much of our time as well: namely our work. And so we should be looking hard at our brand, the way we work, and give meaningful reflection on the original ‘WHY’ for what we are doing in the first place.


It’s too easy to fall into the trap as sales-people, marketers/branders of just selling our product or service but never telling our story. Never telling the why behind we do what we do. People are far more interested in the why than you think. The why engages people, makes you stand out, gives life to what you offer, and keeps you at your best which in turn makes a far better product or service. A far better one.

So let’s resolve this year to ‘brand’ differently. To continually tell our story. And keep in front of our audience (and ourselves) a vision beyond just ‘paying the bills’ which in turn will breed authentic passion. It will invigorate our day-to-day, breathing fresh life into our ideas.

Live Dangerously

So this pep-talk may sound great at the outset but the rubber will meet the road eventually when it’s time to do something out of our comfort zone or the norm. The only people that have ever done something really meaningful, helpful, or innovative have gone against the tide.

If we find ourselves settling in it’s time to make ourselves uncomfortable again. So go for it this year. Resolve to reflect and measure and then proceed with courage. Live dangerously. Live with purpose.