Some Favorite Videos through the Years

June 6, 2017

Starting to be well over a decade of work, we have had the privilege of producing some great videos, with some great people. Here are some that stand out in our memory. And while not a complete list by any means, these are some of our favorite videos.

Amwell Mother’s Day

Last year for Mother’s Day, Amwell wanted to make a piece focusing on the busy life of Moms, and showing all that they do for their families. We gathered together real moms and their children, and had them come visit us in a great old loft in NH. And then we talked with them about their lives and what they value, and the results were incredible. We had a great time and love the result. Check it out.

Blink for Home

We have grown to love Blink. Both their product, and their people. Based in a few towns away, we got to meet with them to discuss what they were hoping to accomplish with their video marketing, and they were on board and we have had several great shoots with them. This video, their explainer video, came together over the course of a few shoots, and we worked with them on the script, we hired the locations, cast, and crew, and were thrilled to have made this piece.

Keurig Kold Event

Although Keurig Kold didn’t quite last in the market, we were happy to attend a pre-release invite only event, where they showcased their new product. Being able to be on the inside with Keurig was very fun, and they certainly know how to put on a good show! This particular event was filmed by a single shooter, and showcases what can be done with even just one filmmaker. Although days like that find you moving around very quickly, by the end of the day, and by the end of the edit, it all feels good.

SharpSpring Call Tracking

We entered the world of Motion Graphics just a couple years ago, and we have loved it. SharpSpring brought us the opportunity to get our hands in it, and ever since then, we have been hooked. It has become an important part of what we do, and it continues to prove to be one of the most fun pieces of post-production.

And more recently, we have done this motion graphics piece for our friends at Amwell…

Amwell: Beyond Urgent Care Explainer Video

Although we had worked with Amwell many times by this point, when we got the call to do an explainer video for them, we were ready to go. Without much time for pre-production, we hit the ground running. Starting with a concept, storyboards, locations, cast, crew… it all came together in record time.

Again, not a complete list at all! But these are some of our favorite videos and we wanted to share them with you today. Here is to the next production!