FAQs We Get at Waves Media

May 1, 2022
Boston Video Company Waves Media

We have not updated FAQs in a while and thought now might be as good as ever to hit some of the most common questions we hear.

What Kind of Cameras Do You Use?

We love talking cameras and oh wow – there are so many these days that can deliver amazing quality.

Our most commonly used are the BMPCC 6k Pros. But we have used RED, ARRI, and a lot of Canon gear too and are comfortable on almost all production cameras.

And of course, we love “trick” and specific use cameras like drones and 360 cameras too.

Do You Travel?

We love to travel and will travel to get your project done if we do not have immediate networked crew in a specific location.

How Many Revisions Do You Offer in Editing?

This question does not have a straightforward answer. However, what we’ve found is that when we do good pre-production work and collaboration with our customers, there are less revisions needed in the editing ‘post’ process. We ‘get to the final’ quicker because the objective was clear AND agreed upon.

Bottom line is we want you to be thrilled with the end product!

Do You Make Vertical Videos for Social, etc?

Yes and No.

We are able to edit videos for a 9:16 ratio, but we do not turn our cameras sideways when filming. This would require filming things twice which of course is not effective.

If your video won’t edit into a vertical version for some reason, users can simply turn their devices to view it in regular video mode. But we’ve found almost any video can be edited/cut down/etc to go vertical if that’s a must. Check out this one we made below.

Can a TelePrompter Be Provided?

Yes. We use prompters often. We like this one. Just sent us scripts to load into our iPad and even update at the shoot if needed.

Can You Make Our Video Viral?

I have to smile when I hear this question.

No. We cannot. Our team can deliver kickin’ video quality and some great ideation! And we even can advise on how to optimize your video when posting it or do it for you.

However, to make a video go viral is not as much a science. You can however, hire companies who focus on getting your videos in front of the right people. And lots of people. And you can run paid ads to ‘manually’ get it there.

What Is Your Payment Structure and How Do You Take Payment?

For most projects, because the up front costs for us can be hefty, we charge 50% up front with a signed e-contract.

Once the project is complete and you have the finals in hand, the other 50% is due.

We take payments via card online, check, or ACH/wire transfers.

Do you save our footage?

Yes. Post project we archive all footage, media, and project assets to multiple locations.

We can later rebuild projects and recall media for that reason.

Bottom line is, we don’t delete files.