Fall Rush Before Thanksgiving

November 20, 2017

In October and November alone we’ve had 14 production days in 13 cities in 8 states with 8 different companies. We’ve flown as far as California and driven down south to New Jersey. You could say we’ve been busy over the last 60 days. While we’re not traveling for video shoots we’ve been editing non-stop. Here are two of our favorites from the past month:

Toyota Los Angeles

The Toyota Mobility Foundation is working with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation on a new safety measure for pedestrians. The artificial intelligence uses existing traffic cameras to better understand how pedestrians travel. Through AI Toyota aims to keep walking and bicycling pedestrians safer. Our latest video for the Toyota Mobility Foundation showcases the professors, lawmakers, and businesspeople that are part of the program. The video helps educate the public about the innovative new service and where Toyota hopes to take it in the future. It is a great example of our talking-head video offering that makes information more enticing.

Blink for Home XT

Blink is a wireless home monitoring camera that helps you keep an eye on your loved ones and belongings while away from home. (Like when you’re on vacation for Thanksgiving). We always have a great time bringing in actors for productions and this shoot was definitely not an exception.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are definitely excited to spend a warm Thanksgiving with family, and we hope you are too!