Ethics in Your Video Marketing

November 28, 2023

Ethics. They’re important to your customers. In this day of data breaches, and marketing manipulation, it’s easy to forget this, though. Which is why we’re talking about it today. And why practicing good ethics in your video marketing will never go out of style.

Setting a Standard

When it comes to your business, there should be a standard set. A level of quality you promise to meet, so that your clients can have expectations they trust. After all, 63% of global consumers believe companies aren’t transparent enough about their personal data use, and 48% of those have stopped purchasing from companies due to privacy concerns. In short, customers do factor in brand credibility when it comes to where they give their business. So be sure to reflect on the standard you wish to set, and implement it every step of the way on your customer’s journey.


The most important step in ethically using your client’s data is, of course, gaining their permission. Whenever you ask for any form of personal information (be it for emails, phone number, etc.), be sure to promise to protect their privacy and not share their info, along with the option to unsubscribe at any time.

Once permission is granted, continue to build their trust by practicing experiential privacy. This is a term coined by Adobe’s VP and Chief Privacy Officer, Alisa Bergman. Bergman states:

“People don’t buy products or services; what they really want are experiences. How do you think about the customer journey and make it delightful, and really have privacy unlock great value for them?”

In other words, start looking at utilizing your consumers data as an opportunity to better serve them. How can your brand customize their experience to enhance what they need? Once you’ve started accomplishing this, you’ve definitely achieved a win-win for the both of you.

Win-Win or No Deal

In addition to gaining your customer’s trust, implementing ethics in your video marketing should be beneficial for both you and them. And if it’s not, you’ll want to rethink it. Meaning, consider if it’s a good fit for you and your potential client. We’ve definitely done so in the past while in preliminary meetings with clients. And, for one reason or another, decided it wasn’t a great fit, so wouldn’t serve either of us in the long-term. This is where integrity comes into play.

Remember, attracting your audience should never be about force or coercion. Your brand’s videos should only present the solutions you provide, and then allow your potential customer to decide for themselves if it fits their needs. Any forced relationship (in life or the workplace) will never last, so be sure to only invest where both you and your customer will succeed together.

Honest, Accurate Storytelling

It’s tempting to “enhance” the stories we tell. To try and make them a little more interesting, in hopes of attracting more attention. But keeping your brand’s narrative honest and accurate is what will keep your audience’s attention for the long run. Remember to present factual information in your video, so that you can realistically deliver on what you’ve promised. Honesty builds trust, and trust builds long-term relationships with your clients.

Adding to this, be sure to respect intellectual property. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but always give credit to its source. It’s healthy to keep an eye on your competition, and even look to others for inspiration. But honor the original creators of whatever work you wish to use. By doing this, you maintain integrity and may even build unexpected relationships with your peers.

Keep It Purposeful

What started your brand in the first place? What was your purpose in the beginning?

For us, it has always been about telling stories and creating high-end video content for brands who are making a difference in this world. By knowing this, it has made it easier for us to decide our steps along the way.

So take stock of what your brand’s purpose is, and how to continue to fulfill it with integrity. Consider it your forever-guiding point. Use it as your compass. In so doing, you’ll not only feel good about the work you’re accomplishing, but your customers will as well.

That sounds like a win-win to us. 🙂