Creative Ways to Make a Killer Video on a Budget

May 9, 2018

In an ideal world we just have all the money we need to do our next video production. That of course is more often not the case. Here are a few ideas we at Waves Media have found helpful in this far more common scenario.

Location, Location, Location!

It really is important to have the setting that gives off the vibe you want. But this does not have to break the bank.

  1. Use your office space or home. Somewhat obvious (or not!) but with a good cleaning and a little set designing your owned or rented location could work just fine for your filming. Keep in mind rooms with depth will allow for enough room to move around while filming.  It also makes for better looking shots (depth creates beauty, plain and simple).
  2. Airbnb.com – the platform that has transformed the way people think about travel stays can also be an aid in location finding for your project. Of course we recommend you check with the owner that the use is fine but it has worked multiple times for us. And its way cheaper than traditional location rental and easier as you can view spaces online pre-calling the owner. Also the owners could be enticed with a couple nicely shot location photos or video clips they can use for their marketing as well.
  3. Outdoors. And why not use the greatest space ever, the wonderful outdoors. If you plan lighting correctly, shooting with the sun or on a cloudy/shady day, you can get some really sweet looking footage.

Pre-production on Your Own

We definitely recommend you have your production crew involved in the collaboration as they bring helpful and must-have expertise into ideation and what will work (and what won’t!). They must be collaborators, obviously.

But what can you or your team do internally? Ideas would be the more apparent things like writing the script and planning dates. But what about scouting the aforementioned location, or ward-robe work, set design prep (bringing props, etc), or gathering assets you may need (stock footage or photos)? Think outside the box.

Bring it! on Camera Yourself

You may not have what is needed for the on camera talent internally. However, often your team has someone who used to do theater or play around with home made filming or even indie work. ASK. You may have a personality or 2 in your company that would be stellar and magnetic on the screen, particularly in the style of the online YouTube world.

Here’s an idea. Have a low key ‘audition’ time with a small script read (a few options/styles is good). Audition each other. Maybe you start then they do it as well. It may seem silly, but it may spark ideas and worse case it will at least give you a better idea what you actually want to represent your company or video presence in general.

Streamline When Possible

Some ideas and questions for streamlining to save on costs:

  • Do you have multiple videos to be made that are simple enough to do in the same day?
  • Can you get shorter versions out of the main piece you’re filming?
  • If you have people flying in to film (an executive for instance) did you want to capture something extra with them for potential use later? Maybe hired actors could do a little of that as well.
  • If you are interviewing, ask those couple questions for further video use too at the tail end of your interview
  • See if you production crew can have someone taking BTS (Behind the Scenes) footage and photo for social use during the production day.

Think Out of the Box

There are probably way more ideas for you to save money (i.e. shoot the video yourself internally when the video can be more casual, etc.) But hopefully these tips get the wheels spinning for you in planning your next video project. Go for it!