Coronavirus Effects on Video Production Companies is ‘Reel’ These Days

August 31, 2020
Coronavirus Effects on Video Production Companies

To say that the Coronavirus has affected the media industry and video production companies is an understatement. Trust us…we know. But before we get into the details of videography during the pandemic, let’s backtrack for a second to last year. Remember in this article when we said by the end of 2019, video marketing will account for 80 percent of online content? Well, we might’ve surpassed that statistic, and the Coronavirus has a lot to do with that.

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With COVID-19 forcing many people to stay at home, many businesses have directly been affected by the mandate. These businesses are seeking innovative ways to get their products and services out there without actually having to get themselves out there. The unique advantage of this stay-at-home mandate is that many people are using this free time to browse the web. What does this mean for your business? It has the opportunity to build its online presence by reaching the increased viewership during these times.

Can Video Production Companies Still Shoot Videos During this COVID Era?

We said it ourselves: companies that use video content in their marketing can experience up to a 41 percent increase in web traffic as opposed to those who don’t. But shooting a video during this pandemic hasn’t been easy, to say the least. In fact, video shooting for the Waves Media team has essentially been nonexistent during the pandemic.

This article on Rev said it best: “With cinemas closed, there is nowhere to screen movies. With travel and lockdown restrictions, there is no way to film. And with only essential employees allowed into offices, film production work has been put on hold.”

Because filming is such an intimate experience — cameras up close and in people’s faces — social distancing simply isn’t a videographer’s cup of tea. Safety, however, is a top priority whenever we’re shooting a video, and that extends to all on set.

The Show Must (Still) Go On…Get Creative With Your Production

So, maybe the standard video shoot hasn’t been ideal. Thankfully, the effects of Coronavirus on video production companies have their limits. The standard work-from-home set up means that videos can still be completed in the comfort of one’s own home. While this might force pro video companies to opt for lesser quality videos and rely on video calls, the general public will appreciate the dedication to putting out consistent content in a safe way.

Producing content with limited access to basically everyone is mainly about being creative. For example, there hasn’t been a better time to take advantage of motion graphic videos than now! Maybe we can’t see each other in person, but creating an animated video means you don’t need to rely on the physical presence of people, and you could still get your message across.

Remember that video production is about being able to combine cinematic visuals with powerful storytelling to produce engaging and compelling videos. You can still get your point across from the comfort of your home…all you need is a dedicated team (wherever they may be) and a lot of imagination.