BTS Video Production: 5 Locations, 8 Actors, 1 Day

May 30, 2017

We film a lot. We travel a lot. And we load gear in and out of shoot locations even more. We had the opportunity to make a 60 second spot with Amwell and we filmed it last week. They came to us with a great concept and a script, and we took it from there. After tweaking the script, hiring actors, scheduling locations, and calling the crew, we were ready to go with the video production.

Production Day

Starting at 7AM we filmed at a home in Haverhill, with fast load ins, setups, and breakdowns, we kept each location to 2 hours. The concept was strong and required some very specific production techniques. Each crew member knew what they were doing, and we kept moving fast.


We take great care in hiring actors. You can spend the thousands of dollars on the production of a piece, but we know that if you don’t have good actors that can execute and make it believable, it won’t work. We find and audition our actors to insure we are on the right track.


With needing so many locations, we worked hard to find good looking homes that were available for the day, and took care of all of the logistics to make it happen. We stayed on schedule and finished the day around 8PM with a few minutes to spare.

We have sent our first version to our client via Frame and are excited to share the final product when it is all wrapped up. Projects like this are our bread and butter, and from all aspects of organizing, executing, and editing, we get it done and have a good time doing it.

Check out some ‘behind the scenes’ clips below.