Our Favorite Business Apps

May 22, 2018

Effective marketing and work in general comes from use of amazing tools that fit your workflow. Here are a few we at Waves Media use daily and weekly to aid our process that may be helpful for you too!

You may have heard of many of these (and probably are using some already) but here is a list of some of our favorites and the ‘why’ behind what makes us appreciate them.


One of our most used on a day to day basis is Slack – a new breed of team communication. Slack allows you to communicate with your team and teams without always leaning on the tedious and uncategorized emails and text messaging. It allows for integration with other apps (like Google Drive and Asana below). It also lets you categorize conversations by topic, direct message individual members, and attach images and links on the fly. Looking back on history with the search function is a helpful piece as well.

You can even have multiple teams you switch between should you have multiple organizations with whom you’re working (I actually use it at a non-profit I work at as well) — oh and it’s free to get started.


We live on this web-based platform as a company. It is the hub of projects and tasks as well as our meeting agendas. Asana has a mobile version as well and allows for a ton of great collaboration even at its free level which we utilize. Integrations with Zapier also can beef out it’s usage. Recurring tasks and project templates, email copy, and a bunch more make this a good project manager for new team members as well as managers who want to keep a pulse on the general work happening and the progress being made.


Social media scheduling is a must for anyone posting more than once a week. Buffer is one of many but a good one for sure allowing multiple accounts at once from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.


You probably use this one at least on the free level but for larger files and team ‘media’ management we rely heavily on Dropbox Business/Pro version. The file structure is unparalleled and the sync preferences totally amazing and customizable between machines. Worth every penny.


Backblaze is one of the best bargains for your dollar we have found for away from site storage and back-up. For only $5/month per computer we attach unlimited hard drives to one machine and get unlimited back-up in the cloud. We did a double take the first time we saw that deal to make sure it was legit – and yes, it was.

So there are just a few apps out of the many we use but check each out and shout out to us if you have any questions or suggestions. We love finding new products that will enable better workflow and productivity and truly hope these assist you in yours.