Being The Face of a Company: To Be or Not to Be

August 3, 2018

I was discussing with a friend who’s company is in the middle of a merger how the two companies have very different approaches to their media presence. One company loves having team members on camera while the other wants to keep all things ‘generic’. Today we would like to explore the pros and cons of both approaches.

Keeping it Generic

A lot of companies tend to keep things pretty generic when it comes to the face of a company for many reasons.


  • Media created by your team can last a long time, even after those that created it have left. Not having a face means you don’t have to worry about content looking out of date if that person is no longer around.
  • Your company can make it appear more as if the product has a personality unto itself.
  • Selling customers on the work of the company as a whole, not that of an individual.


  • Might come off as not very personable or as relatable.
  • Losing out on the connection you can create by putting a human face to your work.
  • Can seem generic and blend into the background of noise with all of the other faceless companies.

Being the Face of a Company

Big responsibility? You betcha, but more and more companies are trying to put a human face (or multiple faces!) to their brands.


  • Helps your company stand out and be more unique in a sea of competition.
  • Creates a more personal story behind your company.
  • Can thrive off of very lively, fun, or interesting individuals on camera, etc.
  • More approachable and less intimidating.


  • Danger of seeming very small.
  • Run the risk of having the individual’s personal brand outshine the company’s.
  • Persona becomes associated with the company, and all the baggage that could come with it.

Either way you decide to go has its own shares of positives and negatives. Its up to you to choose which direction is right for your company. And remember you could always do a bit of both — have at it!