Adobe Spark: A New Approach to your own Video Self Production

April 19, 2017

The other day I got an email from Adobe about a new product. They have been on fire lately so I am always happy to see that news. This one caught my eye especially because it wasn’t really directed towards me. You see, being in the creative professional and tech savvy, I get many requests from family, friends, and even foes sometimes, for creating projects for them. AND I am always on the lookout for what can help serve our clients. So now, Adobe has made an easy way for anyone to create beautiful video self production content. Meet Spark.

Video Editing and More

There isn’t much to say here that Adobe hasn’t already said better, but what makes Spark a powerful platform, is when you need to put out your own self produced videos and want to add that extra bit to them, Spark can do that for you. Editing multiple clips together, slideshows, filters, text; it can do a lot.

So check it out, and see what you can do with your videos.