5 Tips for the Talent in a Video Production

October 9, 2017

This post goes out to all of the lovely faces getting ready to be on camera. Preparing for a video production can sometimes be a nerve-racking experience, especially if you’re new to it. The pressure is on. You have to have your lines memorized, your ideas thought out, and you have to be cool, calm and collected. That sounds like a daunting task when you have a huge camera lens in your face with lights shining in your eyes, but there’s no need to worry. We’re share to bring some peace to the hectic moment with five tips to help you feel comfortable on screen.

1. Be Yourself

Nobody acts like themselves when they’re nervous, it’s understandable. But we chose you for the video for a reason, we want you. There’s no reason to be nervous, just be yourself!

2. Keep It Concise

If you’re not careful the script can get really muddled, really quickly. Remember: you want the script to sound concise and conversational. Keep things simple by using everyday language that any audience can relate to and understand.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Read the script in front of someone who will give you constructive feedback (that might be your biggest fan or your biggest critic). We all hate the sound of our own voices, but it can also be helpful to record your practice sessions so you can tweak things that bother you. Recording your run-through’s can help identify awkward phrasing and practicing in front of a mirror can help you with your physicality on camera. People never realize how often they cross their arms or repeat a hand gesture until they practice speaking in front of a mirror.

4. Come Ready to Rumble

It sounds strange to compare shoot-day to game-day, but it’s not too far off. Production days can be long, grueling affairs—especially if people aren’t prepared. Being well rested and full of your favorite morning beverage can make a big difference.

5. Look Fabulous During the Video Production

If you’re on camera you obviously want to look good, but not too good. Makeup can help frame and highlight features so they don’t all blend in, but with 4K cameras too much makeup can become glaring and distracting. Think of it like a job interview, but a lot more fun! Dress appropriately as well, avoid bright colors, logo-covered clothing, and distracting patterns. Think about how you want to represent your company across the web.

Now that we have the specifics down, go out there and ace that interview or explainer video!