5 Social Media Video Ideas

October 5, 2022

We all need some fresh ideas from time to time. Ideas that spark creativity. Today we at Waves Media are posting 5 social media video ideas we’ve learned over our several years of video production to get the ‘wheels’ spinning. Here we go!

Video Idea #1: Interview a guest, customer, or employee

When it comes to your social media video ideas, sometimes the best place to start is with new perspective. Maybe begin by getting a different viewpoint on a topic you feel you have comprehensively covered already. Get that engaging, exciting personality on screen! Put together 3-5 great questions (try not to be too generic) and have them take a stab at answering them. Could be a formal interview style if appropriate or more ‘man on the street’. The added advantage here could be that the influence that person carries may attract people to your page or brand who otherwise wouldn’t have visited.

Video Idea #2: Blooper Reel

We just created one of these for a new partner of ours, Huggins Hospital. Taken from the ‘Explainer’ video we made for them, it was just clips of them having fun and messing up. May be slightly embarrassing but hey, let’s loosen up: your ‘audience’ probably will see you as more authentic anyway.

Huggins Hospital – Blooper Reel from Waves Media on Vimeo.

Video Idea #3: Behind the Scenes Video

This is one of my favorites. Create a behind the scenes video of something you do regularly or just once in a while. This could be how you run team meetings, present a piece of technology you like to use (software or other), or showcase your office space and why you made it the way you did. Here’s an example of one company’s more casual approach to this concept.

Video Idea #4: A Process Story

People know that your beautiful presentation, how you got where you are today, the amazing branding you have, and more did not just “happen”. They assume there were steps along the way to get there. Well, why not let them behind the curtain a bit to see how your team processed through something. Show the hurdles and challenges, the big “aha!” moments you had, and the pay-off. This will also increase internal morale, as people love to look back and see how they overcame – it is truly affirming.

Video Idea #5: A ‘Culture’ Video

These are ever becoming more and more popular. And rightfully so. Gone (yes gone!) are the days of work environments being solely about profit. Employees want more than just pay checks. They want to see that their time is counting towards something, that they can have a work ‘family’, and enjoy what they do. And what better way to show that off than through a truly emotional and compelling video piece. Yes, this type of video could require more production quality than just iPhone footage, but it will be well worth it.

Keep it creative, fun, and authentic! If it entertains you and your team, chances are it’ll entertain your viewers.