5 Tips for Being On Camera

October 28, 2022

You booked it! Hurray! Now what? Oh, that’s right. You have to deliver. Nervous much? Understandable. Whether it’s your first time on-screen or you’re an old pro, being in front of the camera can be nerve-wracking. But here’s the good news: we’ve made a list of our Top 5 most helpful actor tips for video talent, to make sure shoot day goes smoothly for you.

1. Be Yourself

Nobody acts like themselves when they’re nervous, we get it (especially with all those lights and cameras in your face). But remember: they chose you for the video for a reason. They want you. Trust in yourself and let what booked you the job in the first place, shine through.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

Having your lines and delivery memorized is not only a number one priority, it will also greatly relieve your stress level for shoot day. Reciting your lines to a friend or mirror can provide helpful feedback and keep the material “fresh”. Recording yourself is also a great tool, informing your physical choices in delivery as well. I never knew how much I talk with my hands, until a director told me. Oops.

3. Be Flexible

Shoot days can be long and grueling. Expect delays. Expect changes. Your best allies in this? Staying flexible and patient. Not only will it make the day more pleasant but it will also leave an amazing impression with your employer. I, myself, have been asked back to many gigs over the years not only because of my talent, but also my likability factor. So stay likable.

4. Dress With Confidence

A lot of shoots will provide a professional hair/makeup team (as well as wardrobe) to take care of your “look” for the day, but don’t rely on it. Come prepared with your own makeup, hairbrush and spray, as well as 2-3 full outfits for the director’s consideration. Keep it neat and natural. And above all, choose to bring what makes you feel confident. What you feel is what comes through on camera.

5. Come Prepared

As stated above, production days can be longggggggg. So bring those reinforcements! Most sets provide snacks (called “crafty” in showbiz talk) but I still bring some extra sustenance, should that not be present. Bring your phone charger. Ensure you get a good night’s rest beforehand, and grab your favorite caffeinated beverage on the way to set. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

So sit back, relax, and be prepared with these simple guidelines. It’s gonna be a good shoot day.