3 Big Ideas for Video Branding

May 22, 2019

Today video content is at an all time high. More than likely, you probably need to be putting out more videos for your brand than ever before too. Here are a few big ideas we like to keep in mind while creating soooo much. You cannot keep everything in check all the time, but the big stuff you can.


Whatever you do consistency is crucial. Your look and feel should be memorable. Even if your style of presentation is more candid. Keep it that way consistently. Brand building is all about this. As you develop consider implementing a brand guide with style, vibes, colors, fonts, etc that will aid in this.

Another element is regular content – even predictable in its release date. Build expectation for your videos by developing a reliable pattern of output your audience will begin to trust and anticipate.

Waves Media Video Team San Diego CA


While consistency is huge, you can still build in a variety to your strategy so monotony doesn’t ever take over. A few ideas to help:

  • Change up the cast – or add to the main person/yourself with guest appearances
  • Add some humor from time to time
  • New backdrop or set (not always a black or white background for instance!)

Enhance Your Video Content With Other Media Forms

You may be doing this already, but media forms can/should go with other types of media to increase engagement and value.

Examples would be:

  • Video with written description under it
  • Stills from the video displayed in a photo gallery link
  • Blog link in the YouTube Video description. If a video tutorial have a link to written step-by-step instructions of that tutorial for example
  • Social links on your video channel or video link
  • BTS “Behind the Scenes” materials for a more produced video. Examples could be the script itself, stills from the production, big things learned blog entry, etc.