25 Places to Post Your Video

December 1, 2022

You did it! Your video has been filmed, edited, and is now ready for posting. But where to post? And which platforms will serve your brand’s messaging the best? Today, we’re giving you our top 25 places to post your video content…because, yep, we’ve been there.

1. Your Own Website!

  • You’re in control, and by embedding your video content on your own website, your SEO can escalate greatly!

2. YouTube

  • You know it. The most popular video-hosting platform, with 1.9 billion logged in users. Aka your potential audience is substantial here. Also, FREE. Yay!

3. Vimeo

  • No ads, and targets creative professionals, thus providing you with networking opportunities galore.

4. TikTok

  • Popularity runs high with this one, and is ever climbing. Currently slated at having 1 billion monthly active users, and is a great place to snapshot your brand and products.

5. LinkedIn

  • A great place for networking, and sharing your video content with peers.

6. IGTV by Instagram

  • Its mobile-first platform makes your content easily discoverable, with a capacity for long-form video up to 60 minutes.

7. Facebook Watch

  • Facebook’s potential audience range even outdoes YouTube’s (currently at 2.93 billion users). FB Watch is a feature on Facebook, allowing viewers to watch videos on their feed according to their interests.

8. Wistia

  • Specializes in marketing for small to medium-sized businesses.

9. Vidyard

  • Geared specifically towards video marketing, and helps you achieve your best ROI through video.

10. Amazon Video

  • An obvious (and effective) landing spot for both your product and video content. Posting video can not only highlight your product’s use on here but also create more exposure for your brand.

11. Twitch

  • Owned by Amazon, the best live streaming website with over 2.84 million streamers and 140 million monthly users.

12. Your Social Media Accounts!

  • Remember to host your videos on these as well as other platforms, as up to 60% of researched customers connected with brands through social media exposure (I, for one, sure have!).

13. Tumblr

  • While predominantly a blogging platform, you can post video as well, and help increase SEO.

14. Utreon

  • Easy to use, and encourages community engagement through asking creators questions, starting customer conversations.

15. Your Email Marketing Campaigns!

  • Since video has been proven to help customers remember 95% more of brand messaging than just through text, it is definitely worthwhile to communicate and attach video to your nurture emails.

16. TED

  • Designed as a free informational platform, depending on your brand’s messaging, it could be a good fit. Adds reputability to both you and your brand, as it’s known for it’s valuable content.

17. Dailymotion

  • It has the best revenue sharing model, allowing users to monetize more flexibly than YouTube.

18. Sprout

  • No ads, catering to businesses specifically (not just for entertainment, which is YouTube’s main purpose).

19. Medium

  • Another blogging platform, but still a good option to attach video to useful information, and gain followers.

20. Brightcove

  • A business-minded platform that helps monetize content and expand audience reach.

21. Jetpack Video

  • A plug-in to compliment your WordPress website, giving you access to tools otherwise not included.

22. Hubspot

  • Not only offers video hosting but also examines video performance, reporting to you what content resonated most successfully with your audience.

23. LBry

  • Users are allowed the freedom to take charge of whatever content they share. It is block-chain based, and creators here make $2 per a thousand views.

24. Hippo Video

  • Has the ability to record personalized video for clients, and track its marketing impact.

25. Cincopa

  • Multimedia cloud storage platform, that allows you to store, manage, and track your video content to boost sales.

And there you have it! Take time to visit, access, and start posting, and let us know if you have any questions! The good news is, with all these to choose from, there is something for everyone, and every brand. Yours included.