10 Ways to Repurpose Your Video Content

June 4, 2024

If you’re a brand who uses video for your company (as we highly recommend), you’ll want to find ways to save money. (To be sure, if you’re a human, you’ll want to find ways to save money.) How to go about doing that when it comes to your video? Here are 10 ways to repurpose your video content and save money at the same time.

1. Create Shorter Versions

This is one of the more obvious suggestions on how to repurpose your video content: cut down your lengthier video clips and create video teasers and/or snippets! Here’s one we shot for our video partner LabourĂ©, highlighting the journey of one of their students. By creating this shorter version, it generates interest in not only hearing more about this individual but also hearing more about this organization.

2. Turn Your Video Into Ads

Another great way to get more bang for your buck is by turning your videos into ads. What video do you have that would work to bring better brand awareness and promote your products and/or services? This could work with explainer videos, customer testimonials, and much more. Basically, any video you create (for the most part) should have these qualities, so this should be pretty simple to do.

3. Turn Your Video Into a Podcast

Unless you find residence under a rock, you are definitely aware of the popularity of podcasts. Whether or not your business has one, is another point, of course. But if you do, turning your video script into a podcast is one fantastic way to repurpose your content. Also, vice versa: take your podcast script and film it for video! A win-win, either way you do it.

4. Turn Your Video Into a Blog

Following up on this, the same can be done with blogs. As of this year, 7.5 million blog posts are published per day. In short, if your company doesn’t yet have a blog, it’s worth considering. And if you do already, take advantage of maximizing your videos and turning their content into blogs. Literally accomplishing two projects at once! And again, you can also turn your blog posts into video content. What’s not to love?

5. Create a BTS or Blooper Reel

This next one is not only a great way to repurpose your video content, but also is a lot of fun. No video creation process is without its own “oops” moments, but sometimes these themselves are gold! And why? Because people love seeing “behind the scenes” and blooper reels! It humanizes your company, makes it more relatable, and is, sometimes, hilarious to watch. So don’t throw away that “cutting room” footage. Make use of it and maximize your video content.

6. Social Media Posts

Naturally, if you’re creating video, most likely you’ll be using it on your social media platforms. But how to repurpose it across all of them without being redundant? Edit your video according to the platforms needs. This could be shortening a video (i.e. longer version of it on YouTube with a shorter version on TikTok), or grabbing a quote from the video and using it as a written post instead. Just be sure to keep the specific platform in mind when posting, to ensure adequate optimization for your social media.

7. Use Video on Your Website

As of 2024, visitors will stay 88% longer on websites with video vs. websites that don’t. Pretty impressive stat, right? So yes, one of the first places you’ll want to ensure your video presence is on is your brand’s website. This can easily be done through the use of explainer videos, customer testimonials, or product tutorials (although the list goes on). And better yet? You can then use these same videos to post on socials, in emails, etc.

8. Incorporate Video Into Your Emails

Speaking of emails, it’s another amazing place to share your video content! As has been stated above, video and visuals keep people’s attention. And of course you want your email subscribers attention! So again, use video to retain it. By doing so, you can also make them aware of your brand presence elsewhere, by attaching video links within the emails. This could be to your YouTube channel, IG, or (essentially) anywhere that will give them the opportunity to follow and support you there as well.

9. Boost Your Presentations with Video!

Have a presentation coming up that feels a bit daunting? Use video to help boost it (and your confidence level)! By incorporating video, you’ll not only come across as more professional and put together, but you’ll also allow yourself some time to take a breath while it plays, and come back to finish off strong in your presentation.

10. Use Video for Your Sales Pitches

Adding to this, video is a strong choice when it comes to your sales pitches. By using video to promote funding and/or a product, you show that you’ve put effort into this endeavor. You believe in what you’re selling, and it shows in your professionalism and preparation. Not to mention, again, it will help ease any nerves about “missing your mark” that day, sharing your objective clearly and succinctly.

Here’s an example of one we shot for one of our clients, to help with an upcoming proposal of theirs.

And there you have it! With these 10 starting points, you are well on your way to maximize your budget’s abilities. If you create with “recycling” in mind, it’ll save you time and money in the long run, while still nailing your video objectives.