SharpSpring – Marketing Automation Explainer Video

April 3, 2015

Through a previous client of ours (Q Factor now Kwicr) we were introduced to the team at SharpSpring, a marketing automation company that is by all means exploding at the scene… and they were looking to make some Explainer Videos.

We began our ongoing relationship with SharpSpring creating a short ‘Features’ video for one of their systems capabilities of call tracking.  See that video here.

Sharp Spring – Call Tracking Features Video from Waves Media on Vimeo.

After great feedback and success at promoting this feature of the SharpSpring platform, we began to discuss an ongoing video series communicating all their other features but first a few “Explainer” videos to set the stage.  An “Explainer” video is a short usually online video (almost like an elevator pitch) that demonstrates first a problem/need and shows how a service, product, etc can answer that need.  It needs to be short, concise, often fun or funny, and/or emotionally engaging and inspiring.

So we began discussion.  Their CEO gave us his valuable time one day as he insisted on sharing the passion and vision behind their brand.  After an hour conference call we felt we had a pretty good idea what they were trying to communicate and began prepProductionaration of the motion graphics video mixed with some live production and acting with our talent.

We set a date for the first draft to be completed and set a date for the production in our studio.  The scene was to be a salesperson looking into marketing automation tools out there and then showing her the power of SharpSpring.

After getting approval from the team at SharpSpring we tightened up the edit and contracted our favorite voice over company Ta-da! Voiceworks.  Ta-da! has a huge talent offering and are some of the most responsive people we have ever worked with (which is a big value of our customer service as well!)

All put together and well ….. here you go.

SharpSpring – Why Marketing Automation from Waves Media on Vimeo.