Re-Purposing Video Content – the Best Bang for Your Time and Dollars

November 18, 2018

Re-purposing content can be a major way to get the most out of both your ideas and your assets for marketing materials. This is usually the case for both social media and marketing channels. And definitely for video. Here are some ideas from our team at Waves Media (a Boston Video Company) on how to get the most out of your video content.

Shorter Versions

The most obvious way to make the most out of any content is to simply make shorter and shorter versions of longer videos you’ve had made.

A simple example would be what we did for Toyota as seen here. We made 3 versions out of 1 project: a 2:30 version, a 50s version, and a 15s version.

Different Focus Versions

Filming with multiple potential content in mind is another great way to re-purpose content. Here are some ways to do that.

  • If doing interviews with people on video, ask questions on other potential topics for which you may make videos. Maybe even pre-categorize them on a sheet so you can guide the conversation and questions better.
  • Make videos specific to different audiences. An example would be a video that is for your team and employees or maybe recruiting new team members. Then have another version that is more for the public. And then one for other businesses in your sphere (partners, colleagues, etc).

Various Platform Versions

Make versions that will play best for different platforms. Shorter versions for IG, a vertical video for IGTV, a longer version for YouTube, a version with titles for Facebook, etc.

What is Getting Traction: Make a Vignette

If a part of your video or videos is really getting a lot of ‘love’ maybe make another just on that topic. Maybe you have clips you didn’t use that would fit that. Make a ‘remix’ in that sense.

Subtitle Versions

With so many videos on channels like Facebook only playing sound when clicked, a subtitle version of your video makes a lot of sense. This is an easy add-on to most videos and a great way to engage all people seeing it, even the passerby.