Keeping Both the Message and the Art at the Center

March 27, 2019

Monotony. The world is full of it! Let’s keep as far away as possible. If you are feeling the pull in your messaging, it may be time to ask yourself and your team a few good questions to keep the art fresh!

Video Recording Your Company's Voice

Do We Get Inspired Regularly?

I was just chatting with some veteran photographers the other day. They had just returned from an inspiring workshop that gave them some fresh energy for their work. When was the last time you or your team went to a seminar for some fresh training and perspective?

Or maybe you just need to do something totally different than the work in which you are immersed. Go on a hike as a team in the mountains. Keep. It. Fresh.

Are You Inspired By Your Work Still?

No one is saying you are going to work in ecstasy. However, feeling ‘into’ your work generally is important. Life is way too short to do so much time on something with so little passion. Did you have love for what you did once? Is that something you can reignite?

Maybe the quality of your branding used to create a sense of pride as you poured time and though into it. Get that back!

The Medium is the Message

How and in what form you communicate affects the messaging directly. So the ‘art’ of doing it well should never get lost in the ‘content’ output of your brand. Brainstorm sessions should be a regular activity for you and your team.

Your audience can feel what is sub-par. Alternately they know when you poured love into what you are saying. This may take more time and energy BUT it will pay off. For sure.